To ring in this year’s travel season, we’re rounding up the best airport and packing pointers from the wellness insiders who are constantly on the move. Cheers to a summer of healthy, happy travel.

The combination of the dry air, screaming babies, and tempting snacks is enough to derail even the healthiest of routines. Pack these restorative flight essentials for the ultimate in-the-air arsenal.

1. Coconut oil and snacks

Staying healthy on the road isn’t always the easiest feat, but it’s 100 percent possible with some planning! Coconut oil is super hydrating for your skin, especially up in the air, and Conscious Coconut sells a travel-size container of it and has a beautiful mission behind it. I always pack that along with plenty of fresh fruits, like apples, grapes, bananas, nutrition bars, nuts, and almond butter packets.

2. A sleep-inducing go-to

I’m obsessed with my Japanese heated eye mask for travel.

3. A mystical toolkit

I’ll carry crystals for a safe flight and good luck on my travels. My travel stones include tiger eye, tourmaline, jade, and clear quartz in my pocket or handbag.

4. Double-duty chapstick

It gets dry up there, so I use Lucas Papaw, which doubles as a hand moisturizer. Win!

5. Headphones

This one’s easy; I never get on a plane without earphones. Airplanes and airports are stressful places, so being able to turn on a great book or calming music to block out that screaming baby is a must for me. Music is an incredible way to shape your mood and I take advantage of it often when I travel. Brock Cannon, outdoor adventurer and author of The Switchback Approach

I enjoy listening to music and podcasts while traveling, but on planes especially. Being able to block out all that background noise of the engines and the air conditioning and the conversations taking place in nearby seats is wonderful. It makes sleeping easier, but also allows you to space out and think, rather than amplifying your frustration or anxiety. Colin Wright, entrepreneur and travel writer behind Exile Lifestyle

6. Something cozy

I never board a plane without extra water and something to keep me warm. Heather Lilleston, co-founder of Yoga for Bad People

7. Natural disinfectants

I never board without my essential-oil wet wipes—your plane seat doesn’t clean itself! Linden Schaffer, founder of Pravassa wellness vacations

8. Immunity boosters

Some kind of adrenal support or electrolyte/vitamin powder … and eyedrops!


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